Stick in my pants, glitter in my hair

Yesterday, I took myself out of the house to hike. Not a super long hike, but it was steep and outside and there were views involved. The hike goes to the Wind Caves above the Gaviota Beach but I planned to keep myself out of the house after for a lunch somewhere because it’s the weekend and I haven’t been out in a while. What’s up with that weird blog post title? I’ll get to that in a minute.

Since I haven’t been outside the house except to work or work out there were a few false starts. I got to the car and realized I had no water. Rookie mistake and a bad one to make.

Back inside for water.

Then, I realized I’d brought my camera and lip gloss, but no backpack for hiking. Sheesh!

Back inside to switch purse for light backpack suitable for short day hikes.

I get to the end of the street in our neighborhood and I realize I’m warm. For the first time in weeks, I’m warm and it’s sunny out here folks. So warm I knew I’d be sweaty and gross and hot in no time. While Mr. Man is not on this hike – he’s at work – I still don’t want to be completely gross when I’m finished with the hike. One shower today please, not two or three.

So, back inside to change into shorts.

Finally I get to the parking lot and I’ve got everything I need. The ¬†hike starts out on a paved section that must have been a side road to the highway at one point.

This hike is just a few ticks off the 101 so you can hear the cars going by, but no big deal. Further on, I saw small rock slides likely due to all the rain we’ve been having.

rocks on road

You can see the hiking path in the distance here.

hiking path

Soon, the pavement ends and I head up a steep hill. Every time I turn around, I can see the ocean and the bridge over Gaviota beach.

gaviota beach

Turn to look up the hill and you can see the wind caves.

wind caves

It’s a popular hike apparently because those caves were filled with noisy families and kids, so after a bit of confusion at the first ridge – turn left, not toward the caves you can see. I continued on and got to see some lovely dead trees. I don’t know why these make me happy. They are DEAD after all, but I find them lovely. The wood exposed and twisty. They seem majestic to me.

dead tree on hike

dead tree on hike

I stopped at the first wind cave. It was lovely Рscratched up by stupid people in some places Рbut still lovely.

wind cave

It was nice to be out in the sunshine finally after a long, hard, cold winter (giggle).

shorts & knee

hiking pack

lizard on rock

Oh, so what about that post title? Oddly, when I got back to the house after lunch I discovered a stick in my shorts and glitter bits in my hair! I did nothing glittery and I didn’t climb any trees so I can’t imagine how I got those things but there they were. Steve’s my witness, he pulled several pieces of glitter out of my hair later. No clue.

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