Rain in California

If you’re a hiker or walker, you know the difference in how nature smells when it’s dry and when it’s wet. We moved to California a few years ago and the state has been in a severe drought for all of the years we’ve been here. There is a lake in the Santa Ynez valley east and north of the town where we live but I’ve never seen it have water in it. Now that we’ve had almost a month of rain, downpour, drizzle, and mist it’s filling up.

So, I decided to take Saturday off from my extra work and go see it.

Yep, that’s water folks. I wasn’t the only one who trekked up the hill on the weekend to see water either. When I pulled in to the park gate, I told the attendant I was only here to see the water. “You and everybody else today – 15 minutes!” he said as he waved me through.

That’s the end of the boat ramp!

It’s still very low but that’s water for sure. I took a quick minute to hike up this tiny trail to look out over the valley and everything smelled damp and green.

The view out across the valley wasn’t bad either. Lots of rain clouds and green patches instead of brown, brown, brown.

I stopped at the Mexican food restaurant for a margarita and shrimp empanadas.

Got to see cowgirls (cow women?) mixing it with fancy realtors and everyone on their cell phones. Trust me, that plaid shirt is only the start, she had the belt, boots, and jacket to fit and, of course, the hat!

Lovely to see all the blooming flowers everywhere.

Lots of mud! Yes, I’m wearing shorts – it’s in the 60s. Several people in puffy jackets (they love their puffy jackets here) stopped me to ask if I was cold but I didn’t feel too cold. Might have been the margarita.

I stopped into a tasting room for a little wine and then grabbed a taster pack of tiny cupcakes.

Heading back down the hill into Santa Barbara, the sun came out for a bit. Lovely sky.

So, I stopped at the beach to see the waves. I took out my chair and towel and watched the waves roll in.

I ate my favorite cupcakes and saved the rest for Mr. Man. You might remember these tiny cupcakes from 2014 when Owen got to try one.

More mud on the way out of the beach parking lot.

It’s been a long week folks. Not enough play and way too much work. So tired but today helped a bit. Back to working hard today and into work tomorrow.

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A mother, sister, wife, and daughter who writes, knits, hikes, and practices yoga on the west coast. Loves a zippy chardonnay or a tart margarita!

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