An anniversary and a birthday

Wow time flies, doesn’t it? We finally got around to celebrating our 18th anniversary this week. We stopped by the Bacara – a fancy hotel on the beach near our home. Before heading inside for drinks and snacks, we cruised around the property to look at the views.

bacara view

Mr. Man got me the most beautiful necklace – totally unnecessary but very lovely. I adore it.

For fun, we visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Saturday. It was very beautiful and inspiring. A little sad for me given our current administration’s blustering and bullying, but this too shall pass. Some of my favorite quotes and photos from the visit:

reagan quote


ronald regan photo


ronald reagan quote

Then, we went to a tasting room in Thousand Oaks where we encountered some amazing wine of course!

wine room art

It was super fun to chat with the wine makers and hear about their process for creating the wines … they have very different approaches for sure! Some like to bottle early and let it age in the bottle, but the wines we liked best had aged a couple of years in oak. The problem with the wine out here is that it’s so lip-smacking delicious you just can’t leave it lonely and waiting for a forever home at the wine tasting room …

wine tasting

… so we came home with plenty of vino. Will my family and friends reading this PLEASE come to visit and help us drink all this wine!

wines lots of wines

We had an amazing dinner by the fireplace at a restaurant recommended by the wine makers.


I was looking through old photos of Steve’s birthday just for fun. In 2005 the girls and I took him skiing. We brought along one of the girl’s friends! (I can’t remember who any more.)

skiing birthday 2005

We made Steve wear this – we attached it to the back of his jacket.

steve birthday 2005

In 2011, we celebrated in Taos New Mexico with family. Our nieces came:

neices taos birthday

I brought several dozen cupcakes

taos birthday

And made beer can chicken

beer can chicken

There were many margaritas involved on that birthday. Tonight, we’ll have fish tacos I think and of course, wine! Happy birthday honey.

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  1. Samantha
    March 31, 2017

    I loooooved the Taos trip! So many memories, Gram even drank a sip of beer! Glad you guys got to spend time together and celebrate.

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