We took Owen Sailing – Aye Aye, Captain!

While we had them, we took Becca and Owen sailing on the big catamaran. The goal was to see some whales, but all we got was a lot of tickle time which was fine too.

Yes, it was super cloudy, foggy and cold but a beer, a blanket and some cookies make all the difference.

We looked under the boat for seaweed and fishes.

We looked for whales. Then got lots of bounce time on those nets in front of the boat!

He’s O’Connor-level ticklish! After awhile, we headed back so Owen could steer the boat.

Dana, one of our sailing instructors, was happy to let Owen have the helm for a bit. He really got into steering. Steve helped Owen learn to say ‘Aye aye captain!’ as Dana gave Owen instructions.

The sailing part was kind of fascinating to him – he got into the guys helping him sail the boat.

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