Owen at the Park and Ostriches!

So, there’s this ginormous playground in Santa Barbara and every time I go by it, I want to have a kid so I can go play. When Owen came to visit, I got my wish!

This is a serious park for serious playing.

It takes work. Lots of climbing and crawling and sliding.

Steve helped Owen reach the highest places.

We fed the fake shark mulch. Not sure why this was so interesting, but several kids helped Owen fill up the shark’s mouth.

After a nap, we headed up the hill to feed the ostriches and do a little wine tasting.

Man these birds are big!

The Rideau vineyard is smart – they have a play area for kids, so they don’t get bored while the parents sip wine.

Without a play area, we end up with discussions about how to behave. Not fair.

We ended the day with more beach time and you’ll notice he’s not keeping Mommy between him and the ocean any more.

In fact, their positions have quite reversed! The power of water and sand folks!


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