Frustration and a trip to Seattle

I’ve been moping about for at least a week. My little company’s crowdfund earned only 30% of what we’d hoped for and we spent almostĀ as much as we earned in advertising. We didn’t get as much social sharing support as we hoped from our yoga teachers, but we did train them using an email and a two-clicks-to-share method. We can tap into that later, I’m sure. Still I spent a week and a full weekend resting and moping. There was some fist pounding and more than a few frustrated tears. It’s hard to work so hard and see so little reward while all the while everyone you talk to says it’s a great idea and you’re pouring your hours, thoughts, and soul into it. Very frustrating.

The last week of the crowdfund, I spent at a work conference in Seattle so I was tired and distracted by all I was learning, worried in the background about the crowdfund and then exhausted by getting home in the wee hours.

What a week!

The day the crowdfund ended we opened this bottle of wine – it’s called Fiction and it has a story on the back that explains that cloud of birds on the front. Essentially with wine maker was worried the birds would eat all his perfectly ripe grapes.

I tooled around in the yard a bit and discovered all these similar looking plants popping up. What are these weeds, I thought, until I pulled one up.

Baby walnut trees! The squirrels must have been planting the walnuts and several have sprouted all over the yard. They’ve been relocated into a pot where I can hopefully baby them and see if they continue growing. They still got plucked from their random spots so hopefully they won’t get too angry and die.

While in Seattle, I did get to walk around for a short while the day I landed. Luckily it was sunny so over the hill and down to the Pike’s market I went. These photos will remind my daughters of our girls’ trip there some years ago.

The flower stalls are still my favorite.

Where else can you get a bouquet like this for ten bucks?

The fish are always fun too.

The daffodils on the roof are so sweet!

I spent the first night painting the toes of my tired and enjoying a hotel room all to myself with total control of the remote!

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