Knitting round up

Yes I still knit. I just don’t have a knitting group to inspire me to knit often or quickly so the speed has definitely dropped off but I do knit. It’s slightly less inspiring to knit when I live in a warmer place of course. My favorite knitting store also closed up shop and I went through withdrawals for awhile.

I still have a sweater on the needles with just the sleeves to finish knitting before I put it together. I have no idea how to put it together myself either. I’ve never done that yet and without my go-to knitting-store-with-all-the-answers, I may have to do something drastic like get on a plane to get some help when it comes to that time. That being said, here’s a roundup of the projects I’m knitting on right now.

A blue baby blanket:

blue baby blanket

I had a lot of this yarn. I knit a baby sweater with it years ago and gave that away, but I had a lot left and I wanted an easy TV knitting project. This one is super easy. You increase by one stitch at the start of every grow, then when the blanket is big enough – you decide how big or how much yarn you have left – you start decreasing by one stitch in each row. Easy peasy.

I’m not very good at guessing how much yarn is left so I took the cautious route and started decreasing based on my panic level. I don’t think I’ll run out of yarn based on how fast the decrease side of the blanket is using up the yarn cake. If I have leftovers, I may be able to make a quick matching hat and voila! Ready baby gift.

Next up, a cowl.

burgundy cowl

This lovely soft burgundy colored yarn resulted in a pair of socks some time back, but I had so much yarn left I decided to make a cowl. In this case, I’m knitting it long-wise and I’ll join the ends when I run out of yarn. Simple 5-stitch border to give it some structure when it’s folded over and wrapped around my neck a couple of times. Knit one side; purl the other. Good TV knitting which is why you see it on the couch side table.

Next up another cowl.


Can you tell I like cowls? They are so much more useful than scarves, I think. When you’re wearing a scarf, you kinda need to have a coat to keep the ends tucked in and I hardly ever wear coats here in California. A cowl, on the other hand, doesn’t require a coat to make it work. You can mix and match these and slip them on and off as the temperatures change.

This one is being knit up in a circle – long tube essentially. It’s just plain old knitting round and round and round until you run out of yarn. It’s very soft and it will crumple nicely when I pull it on. The yarn is tiny so I have to pay attention to my stitches. The project itself is small, however, so it’s the perfect plane knitting. It will be tucked in my bag when we go to Hawaii in May.

Lastly a pair of socks.

sock knitting

I love these cool variegated yarns for socks. I’m knitting them toe-up – my favorite way to get them to fit just right. I’m decreasing/increasing along the middle bottom of the foot to make a tighter fit around the arch. The sock is just a plain ribbed pattern.

I’m a little worried as I get close to time to do the heel because I haven’t done this in awhile. I have notes, which you see on the index card here, but who knows if I’ll remember how to do the heel? We’ll find out soon enough I suppose.

So that’s it for the knitting projects. Enjoy your weekend!

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