What’s going on in the yard?

Spring has definitely arrived here. The days are warm enough for shorts and tanks. We switched to the summertime sheets months ago, and we got pillows for the chairs outside.

pillows on adirondacks

The shasta daisies are getting ready to bloom. I’m so glad I get to grow them here! Makes up for losing out on tulips.

shasta daisies

Looks like they need a little water. I’ll get to that in a few minutes. We’ve been using the fire-pit in the evenings too. It’s super fun to watch the night time bugs fly into the flames and pop! burn up. I don’t feel badly. These are big scary winged things that look like enormous mosquitoes so they can just go away.


The rocks have tiny bits of mica in them so at night they glow a little under the moon. Very pretty. You can see the thyme creeping in around them along with the more silver dhymondia. We’re planning to compartmentalize the colors and keep the silver grey plants around the rocks and relocate the darker thyme to the raised area behind the chairs. I think it will look a little more coherent that way.

In the meantime, Emily says Hi!


So does Luna with her silly snaggle tooth grin.


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