Visiting the Big Island, Hawaii

We’re back now and I didn’t turn on my laptop for a full week. It was just the most delicious break ever. We visited the Big Island of Hawaii – our third trip to the islands.

Planning this trip was all Steve’s doing¬†and thank goodness because I didn’t have a single minute to spare. Of course, vacation planning can be done over margaritas:

This was the view when we arrived!

The condo was on the third floor and we were on the Kona (west) side of the island. After dumping everything into the condo, we pulled on swimsuits and went right away to swim at the beach at the far end of the complex.

The next day, we loaded up to see a green beach and do some snorkeling.

The green beach was a bit of a journey. We got to see some of the variety of ecosystem on the island, including big plains of lava. Often, we’d see bits of growth here and there; others it was all lava as far as you could see.

This is a big island compared to Kauai and Oahu, that’s for certain. We went from dusty rocky lava flows to rain forest to wide plains.

More on the volcano next time …

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