Volcano Time

So, Steve very much wanted to see a volcano and on the second full day in Hawaii, we loaded up and headed to see a volcano. KÄ«lauea Volcano in Hawaii’s Volcano National Park that is – they really mean volcano on this road sign!

volcano road sign

First, we stopped to see lava fields.

lava fields

It was a long-ish drive so there was some knitting going on.

car knitting

The diversity of this island is amazing. From stark rocky lava fields to lush greenery like a rain forest.

lush greenery


After a stop at the visitor’s station, we headed to the steam vents.

steam vents

They really are big holes in the ground with steam flowing out.

steam vents

You just have to wonder what people thought of these before we knew about the volcano and all that. Just walking along, big hole in the ground spouting steam. What the heck?

In fact, the whole hillside was steaming.

hillside steaming

The plants along the ridge above the volcano’s crater were amazing. Like this one – some kind of fern with slowly uncurling leaves.

fern curling leaves

This weird curling thing growing straight up out of the ground!

weird curling plant

Orchids growing in the wild!

orchids in the wild

And plenty of New Zealand Christmas Trees – we have these in Santa Barbara.

new zealand christmas tree

In the background, we could see the smoke from the eruption.

distant eruption

We continued to walk the path along the ridge, working to get closer to the crater and the smoke was heavier and heavier.

smoke from crater

Eventually, we reach the end of the trail and are still a long way off. So we backtrack to the car, hop in, and travel onward to the lookout point where we got to stand on the big rock wall and see the leaping lava!

leaping lava

Yah, that’s way zoomed in but you gotta do what you gotta do to get the photo. Next, we headed to see the Lava Tube.

lava tube sign

It was a short walk through dense tropical forest.

tropical forest

And finally a black cave-tunnel in the ground.

lava tube

As you enter, the walls by the bridge are covered in plants.

lava walls covered in plants

On the way out of the park we stopped to look at the odd juxtaposition of plants braving it growing through the lava rocks. Kinda a metaphor for life there – grow where you’re planted and all that.

trees growing in lava

And pockets where lava cooled and bubbled through.

lava pocket

Up next roosters and waterfalls …

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