Roosters and waterfalls

We visited the ‘Akaka Falls on our Hawaii trip and when we pulled into the parking lot, we were greeted by these two handsome fellas.


Seriously if the scrawny excuse for a rooster that visits my backyard in Santa Barbara looked like this, I’d be thrilled to watch him scratch up my flower beds. No such luck.

There was supposed to be a loop you could hike to take your time and see the falls, but that was closed for some reason so we had a very short walk through some gorgeously lush land that reminded me of Jurassic Park.

akaka falls

The sky was blue and clouds were puffing their way across.

blue hawaii sky

As we walked toward the falls there were clear bubbling creeks – I love the sound of creek water rushing over stones. I find it more calming than ocean waves.

bubbling creek

What the heck is this?


More lushness – it’s cooler under here too, which makes sense out of the sun.

lush greenery

And finally a waterfall!

akaka falls

Just beautiful!

akaka falls

Plenty of lush things growing all around the rim of this crater.

lush trees

When you pop back out on the top of the hill, it looks like an African tundra!


And this guy is strutting his way to the car to see if you left any more crumbs for him!

strutting rooster

and then a sunset …

sunset hawaii

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