Sipping Wine in the Sunshine

This year’s Gainey member party was last weekend and we really enjoyed it. Last year, we took a quiet approach to the festivities and this year we took empty stomachs. Not the best idea but hey, you do what you gotta do, right? Not to worry, we went out to lunch after. But first, take a look at the vineyards! So pretty.


The weather was nearly perfect – a little warmer than I’d like but workable if you went inside to cool off and stayed under the trees. Lots of people there but it wasn’t crowded. They had a band and a taco buffet. They also had wine on sale¬†and lots of people were hauling out cases of wine. Cases and cases of the stuff – they cleaned out the place!

gainey event

Steve had fun talking with the winemakers passing out barrel tastings. Something about sulfer and adding it at the right time … notice the water bottle in the winemaker’s back pocket? These guys were hydrating as they sipped and chatted. Very smart. I don’t know how they feel about everyone coming up and asking them questions but it was a lot of fun for us and they didn’t look too bored.

barrel tasting

At one point, there were five or six guys around one barrel and everyone was sipping and chatting. So he’s learning about wine making. Isn’t that interesting?

On the way back home, we talked about the future and what we want to do in retirement. There’s no way Steve will sit around and vegetate, it’s just not in him and I love that. Wouldn’t it be a dream to own a big plot of land and have grapevines? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but it’s hard not to dream.

Two funny things happened on this trip: first, I got asked over and over about my shoes. I love these shoes, they’re super comfy and also cute as heck, but this was the first time a guy asked me where I got my shoes. He wanted them for his wife who’s apparently quite the shoe hound. Seriously, Jambu needs to make me their spokesperson and give me cards to hand out.¬†These are amazing shoes and I highly recommend them – I get plenty of opportunities because I can’t wear them for a single day without getting asked about them.



Second, Steve learned the term ‘stole it’. When we were getting ready to leave the vineyard and go get a full lunch, he was maneuvering the jeep in a tricky situation: gravel drop off on one side, people with hand trucks filled with wine cases on the other, super expensive fancy car on the next … it was a busy jungle and of course we drive sticks. At one point, his rear wheel was in a gravel hole and there was a cart full of wine in front of him and he was releasing the clutch to go forward and the engine/gears were making a little noise – more noise than those silly quiet electric vehicles most people drive out here – and someone outside the car muttered ‘stole it!’

We giggled about that all the way home.

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