Backyard Adventures

Our kitties go outside under controlled circumstances: the back yard is completely fenced, has tree cover, and we are at home. Last weekend, we stayed close to home and celebrated the start of summer with a quiet cookout after housework and work-work.

steve snuggling luna

Luna loves being outside with us, as you can see. Emily spent a good chunk of the afternoon under the bird feeders hanging in the trees.

emily under birdfeeder

She kept moving around to get a better look and kept telling me with her face to be quiet! Hush mama, I’m hunting birds.

emily under birdfeeder


When the birds wanted to mess with her, they tossed seeds down on her! She was not amused.

so rude

Luna was more into waiting for the lizard to come out from under the deck.

luna lounging

Until she had to get in on the action under the birdfeeders.

luna under birdfeeder

We got new pillows for the chairs that surround the fire pit:

lazy chairs

The feel really great on the lower back when you’re feeling lazy and want to stretch out in the warm sunshine.

I am so so happy that I can grow daisies here. They are one of my favorite flowers – so simple – and I didn’t know they could or would grow in the warmer climate. They act just like they did in Colorado though, including dying back in the fall and going underground despite our mild winters.


All in all, it was a long lazy early summer afternoon!

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