Fourth of July Sailing, Whales, Dolphins and Fireworks!

This fourth of July, we took out a 32′ boat with some friends. The day started out cloudy with zero wind – bummer! See how glassy smooth the water is:

sb harbor dock smooth water

So we spent the morning cruising about looking for wind here and there. About noon, the wind got better and, of course, at two in the afternoon it was amazing. Typical Santa Barbara wind conditions – perfect sailing from 2-5 p.m.

Here’s the crew!

the crew fourth of july

And another with everyone but Steve:

motoring before raising the main

We saw a huge pod of dolphins racing in front of the boat. Later, we saw whales! I didn’t catch them on camera though.

whale sighting

Once we were back at the dock, it was time to chill and eat and wait for fireworks.

chilling at the dock pre fireworks


Happy fourth everyone!

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