Summertime Me Time

Well, not entirely me time but certainly an improvement on the weeks we spent on high alert due to the local fires. Work has been nuts and the lack of sleep, concern, and stress was making me bonkers. Finally, we are clear of fire danger (for now) and we put all our stuff away again.

Yesterday, we had the first session of forced fun in awhile.

It started with a massage for me. My massage therapist went on a long holiday and I haven’t had a massage in almost two months. This does not work for this woman – my body counts on my massages. So, getting that was critical.

Then, I headed over to one of the local oceanside parks for an outdoor yoga class. It was brilliant and warm and just what the body needed after a stressful three weeks. Three weeks! The hummingbirds zoomed in to see what we were doing, the kids played in the background and families were gathering and setting up to grill. The ocean was sparkly and the breeze was light.

Exactly what I needed.

After that, we checked the local calendars and voila! the Greek Festival was on so we went to listen to Greek music and eat Greek food and be outside.

The Greek Orthodox Church was hosting the event in Oak Park and while waiting in line to get our food, we saw these outdoor grill masters, who used a big long branch of rosemary dipped in a mixture of oil, lemon, and spices to brush over the chicken. Never saw that before!

greek festival santa barbara 2017

We chose a mix and match of all the favorites: moussaka, dolmathes, spanikopita, and salad to round out the plates.

plate of greek festival food

It was delicious. Seriously, the baklava was the 100% best I’ve ever had.

After touring around and drinking some greek wine and watching the greek dances, we thought a margarita was in order.

Patio margaritas

It was still pretty early, so we found a movie to round out the evening. When the afternoons are hot, there is no better place if you can’t find a pool than the movie theater to stay cool until dusk.

All in all, a wonderful fun day.

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A mother, sister, wife, and daughter who writes, knits, hikes, and practices yoga on the west coast. Loves a zippy chardonnay or a tart margarita!

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