Succulents are really cool plants

I know I’m late to this idea and to be honest, succulents have never been my thing. I like fluffy big flowers that take your breath away, and succulents aren’t that kind of plant. They are, however, so amazingly varied and so darned simple to work with that I can see why people love them.

When we first moved in and I started to re-imagine the just plain naked beds along the back fence of our back yard, I didn’t imagine that I would turn to succulents. I tried flowers, but the severe summer heat and the drought made maintaining them impossible. Plus, the dirt was truly awful. No nutrients in it whatsoever. The former owner of the house we live in now must have liked the blank canvas and wasn’t interested in nutrients or worms or light fluffy well aerated soil that makes space for flowers and things.

A year later, a new friend jumped through all the trees and bushes on her own lot and snapped and dug out a bag of succulents for me – bits and pieces of odd plants that I didn’t understand and wasn’t sure I wanted. She told me how to propagate them and I trudged home and obliged. After all, the drought wasn’t easing, my work was increasing, and I’d only managed to make the bare hard packed earth a little more friendly. All the flowers had died and I had no energy left to try.

So, in went the succulents and look what happened!

blooming succulents

Darn it if I don’t love them now. The bloom, of a fashion and they’re super simple to propagate.

red edged succulent

They’re nearly impossible to kill. They don’t require water. And they are so very different from each other. They come in all kinds of subtle colors.

pots of succulents

They make amazing backdrops to the flowers I do get to grow. Why have I ignored these darned things for so long?

big succulent

Well, I’ll forever have the damned things now!

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