Viva la Fiesta! The Quiet Version

Last weekend was Fiesta weekend here in Santa Barbara. It’s big here and so much fun. All mired in Spanish roots and traditions like cascarones, eggs filled with confetti and tossed everywhere. Spanish dancing and drinking margaritas. Spanish food and parades with big horses. It’s fun.

This year, it was too much for us, so we fiesta’d our own way.

We went wine tasting.

sanford chardonnay

We’d met a couple at our monthly sailing group and he’s a wine maker for Sanford wines. We’re planning to go sailing with them and thought it only appropriate to try his wine before we got too involved with each other. If it was not to our liking, we could murmur politely. If we did like it, we could be verbally appreciative and maybe even go wine tasting or wine learning or something with them.

wine tasting

Luckily, the wine did not suck. The reds were a little lighter than were to Steve’s taste. He likes a red that is bold and deep, but the Pinot Noir we’re told is the original one in the area. This area is particularly known for their Pinot Noir and so just about every winery has a version. Appropriately for summertime, the whites were on sale.

sanford tasting room

I liked the chardonnay a lot. Even though we have plenty of wine at home, this is what happened. He just can’t help himself.

carrying wine home

We slipped through the fiesta crowds, and stopped to see the kids dancing.

kid dancers fiesta

See the proud grandma, the kissing dad, and the bored tweener?

We headed to try a new place for dinner and snapped a photo of this lovely couple’s feet with all the glitter and confetti on the ground.

confetti sidewalk

They were headed to a show. It was a lovely afternoon and no confetti eggs died on this adventure. I do wish I could figure out how to carry or ship those darned things. I’d like to take them to the kids for Christmas. Must figure out a way.

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