Come sail away

This weekend we got to go sailing with some new friends who are also sailors. The day started clear and light but a cloud bank rolled in and so we had some marine layer. As usual, the wind kicked up around 2 p.m. and it was wild sailing for the next three hours. The morning wind was light. We even hit patches of calm where we waited for the breeze, but it was a fine time to chat.

We practiced our crew overboard drills too – something we’re trying to be perfect at because when it’s just us two on the boat, we have to be good at it.

The ducklings were also out – LOTS OF THEM. It must have been a race or a testing day because there were so many we couldn’t even count them. There were also several power boats filled with people – they looked like parents. The ducklings are what we call the tiny sailboats that the children learn to sail here. They are super cute. Each little tiny sailboat is sailed by a tiny person. They must start at 6 years old.

All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday.

come sail away

sb sailing

channel sailing

tiny sailboats

sailor trainees

watching the horizon

sailing sb


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