Emptying out and filling up

How am I doing with emptying out? It’s touch and go honestly. The hardest thing is letting go. Letting go of things or ideas I’m attached to is hard.

In a nice twist of events, Mr Man went with me to yoga on Saturday. We biked to yoga, had a little breakfast, took care of some neighbors’ kitties and biked home. It was a 16.57-mile ride round trip and the weather was slightly overcast, so it wasn’t hot at all.


We had a nice time talking over breakfast and caffeine. It’s been awhile since we did that.

In the evening, we went to a local event in our burb – the Goleta Dam Dinner. It’s an annual event and we hadn’t gone to it yet. I very much wanted to meet my neighbors there and have a nice night but I didn’t know anyone there. Odd, I guess my neighborhood isn’t into the event? I’ll have to post photos online and see if we can get them there next year.

Still, it was fun to discover a new space and a new trail to walk or bike. The views are lovely on this piece of land.

los carneros dam

We brought a picnic dinner – salad really – and bought a glass of wine and a margarita from the Dam Bar.

dam bar

There were a lot of people at the Dam Dinner.

dam dinner

Nice event, but I’m sorry I didn’t know anyone there. It makes me feel like I’ve not really come home. I wish this place felt like home but so often it does not.

This morning, a walk on the beach.

beach walk

Another cloudy morning, but the clouds will burn off. Taking it easy today. More letting go and emptying out to do.

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