End of Summer Campfire on the Beach

So, summer is winding up. It’s still warm but we’ve had a number of cloudy and chilly days lately that belie the fact that it’s still August. September is coming very quickly though and with it a scattering of friends. One couple we know is headed overseas for a long vacation. I’m headed to two states for conferences, then Steve and I go abroad for a vacation tacked onto a conference in Austria! So, as summer begins to wane, we all gathered at our very local-ist beach, the one right near our house, for our first beach campfire and potluck.

It takes a lot of stuff to picnic on the beach!

rodeo loaded for beach

Beach chairs, blankets, coolers, a wagon to haul it all … it looks like we’re going camping!

Our friends brought their dog Foxy.


She looks mad there, but she’s really a sweet little girl. We brought non alcoholic sangria and wine for those who want to spike it. Plus salad and fried chicken. Luckily, they got there before we did and snagged a picnic table so we didn’t have to eat in the sand. Great job!

beach picnic

We later gave up that picnic table to another group when we headed down the beach for the fire and s’mores portion of our evening. A man with a huge dog came by to pick up cans. Steve got to play with the dog.

homeless guy and dog

Is he homeless? Who knows. I’ve seen him on this beach dozens of times and we asked if he’d like the rest of our chicken and he smiled and tucked it into one of his bags. We moved away from our picnic table and onto the beach.

haskel's beach

Shoes were abandoned and the first bottle of wine was emptied.

flip flops and wine

Steve built our fire with a log from Home Depot and driftwood. We used our old dryer lint trick to get it started. The ring of stones was already there on the beach. The fire department says we’re not supposed to have beach fires, but everyone does it anyway.

steve builds fire

Yes, that’s the jug of sangria on the ledge and the chilled wine in the chiller. You can see where our priorities lie. Some of us played paddle ball … at least I think that’s what it’s called?

beach night

Foxy found a stick to chew and settled into the sand.

foxy with a stick

Then, we lit the fire and settled into chairs and blankets with our wine.

beach fire

We had much discussion about the proper making of s’mores. Steve and I brought an official s’more maker, which he and the girls used to use in Colorado. I had a long forked metal thing that I preferred to use. Everyone took a turn at making their version but we really need more practice.

making s'mores

Enjoying a fire on the beach is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I don’t know why it took us so long to try it, but dang it was a great night. Super fun to laugh and talk with friends and enjoy the fire as it burned down.

beach fire

We stayed until it was all the way to glowing embers, then we poured water over everything. We dumped all the remaining ice onto it as well as sea water. Then we stomped it thoroughly and buried it all with a layer of sand.

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