In Search of Lake Erie

I’m in Cleveland for the first time and I’m here for a conference in content marketing, which is part of what I do for my job. Yesterday was a holiday and I was on the plane working, so this morning I checked email then headed to the gym a few blocks away because the hotel i’m in is under construction as it switches from one company to another. It’s not been too much of a pain.

After a workout, I headed out in sneakers and headed west to find Lake Erie and get a feel for Cleveland.

This is definitely mid west deeply patriotic America. That’s the Declaration of Independence printed on a wall on the 9th street pier Lake Erie.

Declaration of Indepdendence

That’s a statue of Abe Lincoln with a complete copy of the Gettysburg Address chiseled into the stand holding his statue. It was put here by an Elementary school.

Abe Lincoln

On the building shown here is what I think is the motto of Cleveland, ending in Patriotism Progress and Culture.


There are statues of war heroes framed by lush green wet grass.

confederate statues

and huge stone buildings with statues on the corners and metal weathered green.


It’s iconic in many ways. The wind is crazy here – blowing hard all the time. Last night there was thunder and lightning and a flash of rain.

I did find the lake.

lake erie

It’s warm and sunny but not hot. Thank goodness because Santa Barbara has been in a heat wave and since no one has air conditioning, it’s been brutal. No sleep, just lots of showers and sweat.

Isn’t this a cute lighthouse?

cute lighthouse

Living in a lighthouse is still on my bucket list. I think it would be a complete blast to be exposed to the ocean wind and water all the time. At least for a few weeks.

I found a lunch place where they had tacos and tequila. I had to teach the bartender to make a skinny margarita.


He was a very good sport about it. I ordered pork tacos. It was delicious – very tender pork  – but the apple slaw on top was initially off-putting.

pork tacos

I liked the presentation – make your own tacos. I asked for some salsa and got something sweet with tomatoes. Everything here smells of wet grass and sweet barbecue. People smoke cigarettes outside the buildings and as they walk along the street.

rubber stamp

That’s a huge rubber stamp that reads FREE. This is a town that knows how to brand itself. This is the logo and it’s everywhere!

cleveland brand

I love these picnic tables with the succulent and flower gardens in the center – how cute!

picnic tale

Then is started raining again … and I’m tapping away, reading email and blogging in the Starbucks. Thank god for Starbucks – always fast wi-fi and free.


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