Exploring Cleveland

As I continue exploring Cleveland, the conference I’m attending had a party at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I have to say this was lovely and slightly emotional for me. Music touches the soul and rock is the background of our life. The soundtrack we live by. The food trucks were in on the action – Madonna was emblazoned on the side!

Madonna Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

You gotta love that.

Sadness with dual photos of David Bowie and Prince.

Prince Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


David Bowie Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

There’s a ton to see and do here. You can listen to songs that shaped the music we hear today. It was amazing and thrilling. I needed more time. I was tired after a long day after the conference however, so a cupcake and knitting was the order of the evening.

Baby blanket knitting

There are beautiful buildings that are completely restored and others that have windows covered in plastic. This was the ceiling of a two-level grocery store embedded in a beautiful stone building.

Fancy grocery ceiling

I was told over and over to go to the public market if I had time, so I got up early on the last day so that I could get a bus pass for the day and live like local. Going into the market was amazing. According to someone I spoke with, this market burned at one point and the ceiling was restored. Walking into this place was a delicious treat – I only wished Iived here so I could shop here all the time! It smelled amazing of cheeses and tarts and lovely food.

Westside Public Market

Westside Public Market


Westside Public Market

With all this food around, I had to get something to eat. I had a sausage with grilled onions and peppers and spicy mustard.

Westside Public Market

Completely worth it. Definitely visit the Westside Public Market if you get to Cleveland.







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