Visiting Owen and Becca in Colorado

Between conferences, I got to go home. Home to Colorado Springs where my beautiful daughter and amazing grandson live. I stayed with a lovely, lovely friend of mine in her beautiful little house and as I fell asleep, I breathed in that clean Colorado air. It was heaven. It was a short visit and so I kept the trip secret from most of my friends simply because I wouldn’t have the time to spend with them. I deeply needed to be near my daughter and snuggle with my little boy.

Owen and Becca

We didn’t do anything epic, just played and snacked – all on toddler speed. We visited Manitou where Owen liked to ‘play games and rides’ at the old arcade. He looks so serious in this photo – and that’s how he treated each of the rides. Like serious business.

Owen rides

He’s much braver about slides now and we spent hours at the parks around Colorado Springs.

Owen slides

See how tall he is?

Owen slides

The drought is over in Colorado and the creeks are flowing. We had fun putting sticks and leaves in the creek and watching them float away. Owen loves bridges! We had to cross all of them many times over.

Owen and Becca

He likes pink ice cream. His mom thinks it’s because he is an incurable flirt and little girls like pink. He got it on her nose in this photo.

Owen and ice cream

That’s what sleeves are for, right?

We visited Garden of the Gods – one of my favorite places on this earth!

Garden of the gods

We sat on all the benches.

Such a little goof!

More photos of Garden of the Gods!

Owen Garden of the Gods

Explaining things to his Gigi … I don’t remember what the conversation was about.

He’s so cute!

Owen and Gigi

We climbed into caves too.

Then, sadly I headed to Denver. It was a great conference in a lovely, lovely room where I could spread all out.

When I got home, I found this in my office – yarn attack!

yarn attack

Hmmm … someone’s not happy. She’s going to be a lot less happy soon too – we head to central Europe tomorrow. We’re combining a conference with a vacation!

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  1. Elana L Alexander
    October 4, 2017

    So cute. It looks like you had a lovely time in Colorado. Hugs, me’

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