Budapest Market to Vienna by Train

Next day, it was back to Vienna after a stop at the Budapest¬† Market. This place opens at 6 in the morning and it’s huge! All the locals shop here for everything. The upstairs has a lot of tourist goods and fast food, but the downstairs is fruits, vegetables, meats, spices and baked goods.

budapest market

Wouldn’t you love to shop here everyday?

budapest market

We each got a pastry and since Hungarian is a beautiful but difficult to understand language, I ordered using my usual method of point and smile. I thought I was getting an apply tart but it was onion! Sweet-savory though and delicious.

budapest market

Back on the train and it’s a long ride to Vienna – about 5 hours. We went to dinner on the river and upon coming out we circled around this amazing church.

vienna church

Here’s where our trips split – Steve goes sight seeing and I head off to my conference every morning. In the evenings we catch back up.

Seriously, is there any city more beautiful than Vienna?

back in vienna

So clean and orderly and beautiful.

back in vienna

More to come …

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