Yarn Store Vienna, Austria Wollewien

So one evening in Vienna, I find myself at my wit’s end – the hat I’d been knitting is now ready for straight needles and I don’t have any. I can put that aside and knit something else, but what I brought isn’t working out and I need a different pattern or a different size needle.

Short version: I have nothing to knit.

This is dangerous territory, especially with a long flight ahead of me.

I whip out my phone and as soon as the conference has wound up for the day, I high tail it to the Wollewein yarn store. It was so cute!

vienna street

Tucked into a gorgeous street right around the corner from the wine bar where everyone was to meet up in a couple hours, it could not have been more perfect.

wollewein austria

Her yarn selection is good and artfully displayed.

wollewein austria

This is a city that loves art – here’s the painting in the shop:

wollewein austria

It’s a duplicate of a painting in the museum, I think the Belvedere, but what fun to wind yarn under this.

wollewein austria

And of course I found a local yarn to take away with me …

wollewein austria

Soon after a nice chat and a wander through the yarn store, I headed out and around the corner to the wine bar where we met Ronald.

vienna wine bar

And my team …

vienna wine bar

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  1. Cindy Drinkwater
    October 19, 2018

    Fellow knitter headed to Vienna Austria in November.. LIKE 👍

  2. December 15, 2018

    thank you … if you go to that store, you will totally love it. It’s gorgeous!

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