All about the Art – Belvedere Museum Vienna

The Belvedere Museum in Vienna houses some of the paintings by Gustav Klimt. One in particular is The Kiss and you see renditions of this painting everywhere in Vienna – on bags, and satchels, and eyeglass cases. I was thrilled to see it.

The grounds …

belvedere museum

Not a bad place to house some beautiful paintings, eh?

belvedere museum

Beautiful stairs … beautiful ceilings …

belvedere museum

This is a copy of the painting in the front lobby so you can take pictures with it.

belvedere museum gustav klimt

Here’s the painting all by itself – sans. me.

belvedere museum gustav klimt

To see the real painting, we had to dodge the frantically waving selfie sticks of dozens of visitors and it really wasn’t worth trying to get a photo with the real thing. I did spend plenty of time gazing at it.

Another Gustav Klimt – his faces are breathtaking.

belvedere museum gustav klimt

And a Monet.

belvedere museum monet

And a hot chocolate and coffee at the end.

belvedere museum

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