The Perfect Cabled Hat Pattern

Yah, I know saying something is perfect does not make it so. But, I’ve knit probably 20 cabled hats and I’ve written notes down every time and improved the pattern until it’s perfect.

I’m also addicted to cables. There’s something so magical about moving some stitches to the little holder, then knitting them out of order.

Pure elegant magic.

This pattern is worked in 12 stitch repeats so you’ll need to adjust how many stitches you’re working with as needed to fit the head the hat is intended to grace.

My rule of thumb: cast on 120 stitches if the yarn is thick, 144 if it’s thinner.

I knit this hat from the brim to the crown.

It starts with a ribbed brim and you can knit as many rows of the brim as you like. More rows means the brim can be pulled down over the ears and back of the neck when it’s cold.

I usually knit about 4 inches of ribbed brim.


Cast on the number of stitches you need – multiples of 12. Set a marker, make sure the stitches aren’t twisted. You know the drill.

Then start knitting the ribbed brim:

K2, P2 * until you have enough brim

Start the cables pattern:

Rounds 1 – 7: K2, P2, K6, P2 *

Round 8: K2, P2, cable 3+3 in front, P2 *

Repeat these two rounds until you have enough length.

When you’re ready to start decreasing, keep in the round 1 pattern and knit two together through the back at the start of each 12-stitch repeat.

Decrease every round until you have only the last stitches on the needle. Finish the hat.

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