Ready for the Holidays!

We’re all ready for the holidays here.

I put the tree in a different place this year. This effort entailed moving some furniture into my already tiny office, but I know it was worth it.

living room chair moved

Luna the kitty does NOT approve. That chair is part of her racing track. But when I put the tree there, now I can see the tree and watch Christmas movies!

christmas tree living room

Plus, we can see it when we drive up – much more homey.

We’re going to miss the Christmas boat parade this year – I’ll tell you why soon – so we decided not to miss the land parade.

santa barbara christmas parade

Who ever thought we’d know the difference between a land parade and a boat parade?

santa barbara christmas parade

It’s like most small town parades. Fun and a little cheesy.

santa barbara christmas parade

This guy is a special local feature. He’s on stilts and has huge angel wings!

guy with angel wings

The morning after the parade, we hopped over to our favorite coffee/muffin place and took breakfast to the beach. It was high tide, so we couldn’t walk far but that was fine. I was feeling lazy anyway and just wanted to be outside in the sunshine at the beach.

The rocks have been pushed up on to the beach by the waves. This is a cycle that happens. A storm spreads the rocks all around, the subsequent wave patterns slowly stack them back up on the high beach. Here’s what’s interesting though – the sound as the waves recede is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It’s the sound of the rocks all bashing against each other under the water. Kinda foamy and soft. Makes me laugh.


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