Christmas in Albuquerque!

Yes, I’m horribly late and there is no good excuse. I just didn’t want to blog. I’m back now and ready to share Christmas stories with you if for no reason other than the fact that the blog has become the record of ‘where-we-were-when’. This year we were in Albuquerque with this cutest little man.

Owen with bowl

He was playing with balls and spinning them around the bowl in the rented house. We tried cars, but that didn’t work as well and because his mother is terribly organized, Owen had every toy he might need and the balls worked the best.

owen and papa with balls

Steve and I had brought our huge hard-sided suitcase stuffed with presents and at least one fun surprise – indoor snowballs!


These are the coolest thing ever. They’re soft on the outside and they squish like a real snowball. Owen loved having the bag of snowballs under his control because he’d restart the fight every once in a while.

You’ll see yoga mats and props in those photos. We tried something new this year and invited a private yoga teacher to visit to teach us a couple of classes. The first one was on Christmas eve morning and all of us attended. Owen played with his toys and had his own mat rolled out just in case he wanted to join. Our teacher’s voice was so calming, I think, that he got quiet and watched us all practice. At the end, we all looked like we’d had the stress wrung out of us and we turned to Owen to tell him how good he’d been while we did yoga and he said the cutest thing, “Yeah, I was good. Totally!” and we all cracked up.

We read stories at night – two books each night.

christmas bedtime stories

On Christmas day, we opened presents and then began putting together the toys. Yes all of us – it was more fun that way.

christmas toys

The place was a mess, which is perfect on Christmas morning. Owen really liked the train, which I worried might be too ‘old’ for him but he really liked making up stories about the situations and building bridges out of legos and blocks … and cars.

owens train

Both Elizabeth and Steve were sick. After we put Liz on the plane back to Chicago, Steve and I got to take Owen out to play while Rebecca worked for a bit. We saw something interesting we hadn’t seen before and turned in to the Shark Cafe. What a surprise!

sharks in albuquerque

There were actual sharks! And turtles and tuna and barracuda. It was amazing!

sharks in albuquerque

We continued to wander through the aquarium and saw manta rays and so many other fish. Owen really really likes sharks.

owen manta rays

We toured through the kid botanical gardens too.

albuquerque botanical

Through a pumpkin …

owen pumpkin

And then we found the trains …

owen trains

And here is where we stayed.

owen trains

Until we could be persuaded that the ducks and geese were lonely.

owen geese

owen geese

We had plenty of family time and lots of snuggles and giggles – exactly what we all needed to close out the year and get ready for 2018.

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