Lonely Girl Wine Pickup Tax

So what do you do when your guy is sick – seriously hacking up a lung, sitting where he should be on the couch wrapped up in blankets with tea and a box of tissues and there are three wineries holding your wine?

Steve is NEVER sick – he’s the healthiest man alive and he’s the best patient too. Never needs anything, won’t let you do much for him. All he wants to do is sleep and get over it. I’m not complaining for sure, so many women’s husbands turn into absolute needy babies when they’re sick but not mine.

Still, there was all that wine to be picked up – three shipments waiting and two of the bottles were magnum-sized! So, I pulled on my big girl pants and headed out alone. To three wineries.

I had a plan, however. I would do this the way I like to tour wineries. With a little knitting. A little writing. A little photography. Slow and easy.

knitting and wine

There’s a very expensive wine at this place – it’s over fifty bucks with the member discount, but I got a bottle. Called it the lonely girls wine pick up tax. At least that’s what I said in my head in reply to my guys asking ‘what’s this charge on my bill?’

On the way from winery #1 to winery #2 I noticed a sign for the lavender farm. I love lavender, I thought and because I’m all alone on this trip, I can stop and smell the lavender.┬áSo I did.

lavender farm

Kinda a funky place – no tour – but I picked up some lavender oil and sniffed around a bit. Then popped back in the car to get some lunch. Gotta balance the wine with food for sure!

After lunch, I headed to winery #2. Driving through the pepper trees is different in the ‘winter’ because you can smell the spice in the air.

wine tasting

I picked up the wine from the second winery and had a few sips of wine there. It was packed with lots of holiday wine tasters.

At the last one I took this photo, which I think is pretty good.

wine tasting

They were clearing out all their Christmas poinsettias so I snagged a few and put them around the porch when I got back. I unloaded all the wine into the kitchen, changed into jammies, and settled on the couch with the cough-meister to watch movies and drink wine.

Good day all in all.

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A mother, sister, wife, and daughter who writes, knits, hikes, and practices yoga on the west coast. Loves a zippy chardonnay or a tart margarita!

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