Creative Wandering

Sometimes I wander my local area armed with a backpack, a book, some knitting project and my camera. I read and regularly re-read The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. She talks about how to live a more creative life and tap into our own spiritual path. My job requires lots of thinking, strategizing, planning and writing but in order to do it I have to feel creative. Otherwise it all feels so corporate and without meaning. Cameron recommends regular artist dates.

My creative wandering goes way beyond that idea of ‘thinking outside the box’ but most people will recognize that statement and it’s meaning.

What’s funny is that my Artist Dates usually involve a task or errand or two and then just see where I end up. My own work ethic rarely lets me just play, so the errand or task is kind of my trigger to get out of the house in an organized planned fashion. After the work part, I’m free to wander and play.

Last week, my creative wandering took me to campus point by UCSB where I went to pick up a new children’s book for my grandson. The book was at the marine research facility where I met Bruno – an enormous lobster.

bruno lobster

His tank is pretty big and continually fed with fresh sea water but I wonder how he feels about living there. He was rescued some time ago and has been with the facility for quite a while.

They use this facility to teach school children but it’s open to the public on weekends. It’s a beautiful location.

campus point

After getting the book for Owen, I headed into Santa Barbara to a wine-tasting room called Au Bon Climat which I hadn’t visited before. I got my tasting and curled up to read a bit.

reading and wine

The tasting was nice but they weren’t wines I loved enough to take home to add to our collection or drink right away. Good but not completely my favorite. Still, it was a nice reading place and the room had some nice Catholic art.

catholic art

Which reminded me that the mission church has mass at 4 on Saturdays, so I decided to go there next. When I parked the truck, I put it under a pepper tree.

pepper tree

About this time, my guy texted and he was out of work finally and could meet me so I headed into church to grab a seat. The mission masses are pretty full most of the time and it’s good to get in early if you can. So good to see these blue skies again!

mission church

I can tell you that mass was, of course, wonderful. God has a way of knowing what we need and telling us that through the sermons. The timing of this week’s message was particularly on target because we’d been arguing about how working too much is affecting our life together. The priest got it spot on and we both reconnected again.

We left my truck under the pepper tree and headed out to explore a bit together. The week prior we’d found this sweet little Spanish courtyard area with wandering brick sidewalks and little wine tasting rooms tucked into odd corners.

spanish style

We picked a wine tasting place we hadn’t tried before – Grassini this time – and curled up by the fire. There were two comfy seats that had just been abandoned by a couple before we entered so we felt quite lucky.

wine tasting

It was nice to be together and connected again. Thank you God.

The next morning, I went to yoga and to our local farmer’s market for vegetables for the week and flowers – and strawberries of course.

farmers market

Every single one of those strawberries was sweet and delicious. Fresh food is so much better.

So, I highly recommend taking your camera and backpack out for a creative break. It makes the work week go much smoother and sweeter.

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A mother, sister, wife, and daughter who writes, knits, hikes, and practices yoga on the west coast. Loves a zippy chardonnay or a tart margarita!

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