Trains and more trains

In late January and early February, I was on the Amtrak train multiple times for work – visiting the campuses and talking with other people I work with but don’t work near. I like traveling on the train – especially beautiful, comfortable, clean ones with great views out the window.

And wi-fi of course!

I started both trips at the very early hours – before it was light. I got loads and loads of work done

working on the train

And some knitting too:

hat knitting on the train

When I have these kinds of business trips, it’s important (at least to me) that I also get something out of my time on the road. It’s just crazy to get off the transport, go to a hotel, do the business thing, go back to the transport and go home. That’s nuts.

So, I found a fun beachy town where the train stop was and luckily Amtrak was happy to store my bags behind the desk. So, it was just me and my wallet and camera again.

don't lose your dreams

So here are all the photos from my day of wandering around Solana Beach. That’s a couch of succulents!

succulent couch

A pretty wall with bamboo behind and flowers.

flower wall

A very happy statue.

happy statue

The cart at the flower shop.

flower cart

Across the road and down the hill was the beach park.

solana beach park

It was a lovely creative wandering day. I Lyfted to the hotel and curled up to sleep early to get ready for the meetings the next day. This is how to do business trips.

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