Thank you for the snow Colorado!

Colorado has my heart in many ways. I love the fresh clean air and every time I get in the mountains, my heart settles in. I’m a mountain girl plain and simple. I know I live by the ocean now and it’s nice but I can’t wait to get back to the mountains again.

I accidentally scheduled a trip to Colorado on what I thought was the Presidents’ day holiday. Turns out it was just Lincoln’s birthday so I had quite the Barbie moment there. But, go I must and so I hopped a plane and when I landed in Denver, my sinuses cleared and the arthritis in my left hip vanished. It was COLD. Less than 20 degrees when I got off the plane and I could not have been happier. I kept giggling as I was driving the jeep they gave me. I had rented a  car but the two guys behind the desk of the rental place saw my California license and shared a funny look between them. “We think you’d do better with a four-wheel drive.”

I’d agree, but those are EXPENSIVE to rent, so I said thanks I’d be OK.

They gave me a jeep anyway but it wasn’t four-wheel drive, just front wheel drive. I thought it was very sweet of them but that darned vehicle was crap in the snow. Had zero traction and slipped all over the road. Never buy a Jeep Patriot. Luckily, I didn’t discover this until the next morning when it was light and not in the dead of night driving south on I25.

When I woke up and my girl rolled into the driveway to pick me up, I was in heaven. Not just because I got to see her and not just because we were on our way to pick up Owen, but because it had snowed.

colorado snow

I had to stop at the top of the stairs and giggle some more, which she found immensely funny. I got to wear my boots and socks!

boots in the snow

Snow, snow, glorious snow.


We wandered about, having snacks here and there.

owen cupcake

That’s a carrot cake muffin just to be clear. He’s a very healthy eater.

The red rocks of Manitou Springs and Garden of the Gods make for a glorious backdrop to soft fluffy white snow.

snow colorado

garden of the gods

We practiced making snowballs until our fingers got very cold.


Then we headed back into town.

garden of the gods

We went for pedicures and drinks – actually drinking while getting pedicures. Owen was the perfect boy. He tucked his toes into the water in both our tubs and chatted with the ladies giving our feet a happy lift.

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