Yoga Retreat New Mexico Style

Sorry this post is so late! We’ve had two weeks of slow steady rain, which is wonderful for the farms and our trees and all that but man it messes me up. Too many clouds make me curl up and sleep. While it was raining, the blog – this blog – had to go through some maintenance which required hours of head scratching and more than a few expletives. All that and this post didn’t get out in anything like a timely fashion. Here goes.

Ah, the wide open skies of New Mexico – you make my heart sing!

My guy couldn’t get away from work but I can so I headed to New Mexico – to famous Truth or Consequences – for a weekend yoga retreat.

TorC as the locals call it is home to some amazing mineral springs – hot water. It’s a place where native Americans used to come to sort out tribal differences. It’s a teeny-tiny town in the middle of nowhere about 2 hours south of Albuquerque.

new mexico landscape

I stayed at the La Paloma Hot Springs Resort, which is a fun and slightly funky little place with some amazing hot springs. Hot water flows through these canals:

hot springs canals

The pavilion had indoor pools that looked like little cabanas. You signed up on the wall for the pool with your favorite temperature – some recorded as hot as 108! I routinely chose the hottest empty room. This one was a favorite:

hot springs pool

It looks rough, but it was so comfy. Simple. Clean and the water was amazing! The little rocks on the bottom were perfect for my feet and it was private. This is one of my favorite views from inside the private cabanas:

door to cabana

People’s feet would walk by as I was soaking luxuriantly in the water with candles glowing.

feet underwater at rest

After I was thoroughly warm and relaxed, I would sit in these chairs and listen to the birds sing and the windy breezes.

resting chairs

Walk back over the bridge and the canals and back to my room to get ready for more yoga.

hot water canal

Every morning, we practiced yoga out in the courtyard. Yes, it was COLD. It’s New Mexico in March, it’s really chilly, but of course I loved it.

The first morning, we rolled out our mats facing the sun and the property kitty came over to say Good Morning. When I lowered down for my first vinyasa, he hopped on my back and settled in for a snuggle.

yoga retreat kitty

I love a good getaway and this one was amazing.






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