Risotto in 10 minutes? No way

OK, so I’ve been reading all about these new mini pressure cookers.┬áIt’s called Instant Pot (quit sniggering) and it’s a tiny, powerful pressure cooker that can make all kinds of amazing meals in a very short amount of time.

I saw a recipe for risotto, and I love risotto, so I had to have one. I Amazon Prime’d it home and got to chopping.

vegetables for risotto

The best thing about risotto, like soup, is that you can use all the odds and ends vegetables and make something amazing with just a little bit of effort.

I tossed the instructions to the side – I can do this! – and pressed saute. It’s a one-pot wonder, I tell you.

instant pot

Quickly cooked shallots and mushrooms in a little olive oil. I added a whole chopped onion dusted with spices. I added the juice of a whole lime.

Then, I added a cup and a half of rice and stirred it quickly to toast it with the veggies and spices.

rice and broth

There will be no judging here … I couldn’t find arborio rice so I used basmati instead. I didn’t have time to waste people – I wanted risotto now. This is what the weather was doing:

rain rain rain

And I’d finished washing my knitted hat:

finished hat

What else is there to do on a cold rainy Sunday, I tell you, but cook?

Next, I added some wine that really didn’t taste that good for drinking, but I knew would be great for cooking.

yucky wine

I didn’t like it. Steve didn’t like it. He has fun at those 5 cent Bevmo sales and can’t resist. Not a problem. I can always cook with it if it tastes bad. So, into the pot it went along with some chopped asparagus I found in the bottom bin of the fridge. After that, the broth.

It looks amazing!

instant risotto

So, then you clamp on the lid and tell the pot to cook the rice for 7 minutes. 7 minutes I tell you!

I poured a glass of wine – the good stuff this time. I cleaned up the kitchen and put on some music. There’s a reason I don’t have any photos of the finished product – it was too delicious to wait. Seriously, if you like to cook at all, you have to get one of these tiny pressure cookers. You will not be sorry.

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