Getting Outside

So many mornings lately start out foggy and it’s not even time for the May Gray yet. This is what our morning looks like most days.

foggy morning

June Gloom will follow soon and it seems that we’re stuck in this stuff. Even in the daytime it’s overcast but plants are starting to come out of ‘winter’ and bloom.

overcast hiking

Last weekend, I got out to hike even though it was cloudy and grey. Everything is so green and fallow.

hiking overcast

Yesterday we had full sunshine finally and I took my bike out for a long-ish ride (just over 13 miles). Veering from my usual path, I headed into the overgrown eucalyptus grove on Elwood.

saturday bike ride

The trail is officially closed due to falling trees. The drought coupled with the rains have left many of them old and weak and they’re falling. So, everyone steps around the closure signs and goes in anyway. I only had to climb over a few to continue my way up the hill.

saturday bike ride

The blue of the ocean against the blue of the sky was delightful to see. The wind was whipping up the waves pretty well too – would have been a great day for sailing.

pacific ocean

I looped along the trail into the grove of trees that marks the edge and the campus. Peddling through the campus out to the edge then turning back. It was a couple of hours of riding and hauling the bike over muddy spots and some fallen trees. It’s fun to take a turn into a neighborhood I haven’t biked before and find my way home.

When I finished, I got to end my ride California-style.

wine after biking

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