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My theme for the backyard this year is more birds. The hummingbirds have lately rejected my sugar mixture. I don’t know if they don’t like it or if they don’t like their feeder or if they just like the neighbors’ better, but they have been gone from our yard.

I see the little traitors all over the place too, just not in our yard. And I miss them. So I decide to flip things around to give them some natural sugar instead.

I started with the black-tipped spiky sharp succulent that was growing over the sidewalk in the back. This thing is very sharp and poky and we didn’t want people’s legs to get hurt. So, I planned to relocate the thing.

spiky succulent

Interesting thing about succulents is that they make more. Can you see the smaller spiky things peeking out under the front and left side of this photo? The propagate like crazy.

This bugger was really really hard to dig out too. It took a long time and several shovels, but I finally dug it up along with all it;s children.

making room for new plants

I replaced the spiky thing with a purple salvia which the humming birds typically love.

purple salvia

Next I moved on to the huge sweet william bush. It was never supposed to get this big and it was growing over my daisies which really wasn’t going to work. So, I dug it out.

sweet william out

This thing was so huge it filled the green bin of trash. I filled several jars of the branches sporting purple flowers and put them all over the house. They’ll last forever.

I put in a pink salvia instead. I also tucked several smaller hot pink salvias in between succulents and daisies. I love the juxtaposition of the cacti-looking things with softer flowers.

backyard updates

The daisies are starting to bud out but they’re nowhere near blooming yet. I’m still amazed that I can grow shasta daisies here – I thought they had to be in winter to grow, but they act just the same as they did in Colorado. They die back in the fall. I clip them down and give them a few handfuls of manure before covering them with loose mulch for ‘winter’ and they come right back!

Now, it’s time for a class of something and some knitting and my butt in one of these chairs. It will be a short time before the hummingbirds arrive. Ahhh springtime.

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