Exploring Santa Barbara with Owen and Rebecca

I’ve done so many things this past week that I wouldn’t have without Owen and Rebecca here. Owen and I have taken to sitting on the porch in the afternoon – me with a magazine and him with a tub of water (which we later pour onto the flowers). He is completely fascinated with the world and everything in it. He wants to know how things work, how they’re put together and what they do.

Lately, it’s all about whirlpools. Whirlpools he creates in this tub of water and I create in his hot chocolate with the battery-powered frother or in the mixer as we make peanut butter pie.

owens whirlpool

In that bucket are toy boats, some sticks, and other things we finds and drops in. He’ll swirl the water for so long, watching everything spin, until I think his arm must be getting tired. Then, he’ll switch arms and keep going.

water experiments

Sometimes it’s water experiments.

water play

Always he is completely soaked by the end and it’s time for a shower and dinner. It’s a perfect afternoon.

We all hung out on the beach for several afternoons. He’s gotten very good with the buckets and sand, making holes and filling them in.

owen beach

It’s always a battle to bring only one dump truck, but he’s started bringing two – one small and one big and that seems to satisfy the urge to have enough dumping power.

owen and becca at the beach

He’s still wary of the waves after his head-first dive into the ocean. I love this picture. It shows how very close he is with his mama and how strong they are together.

We visited the sea center on Stearns wharf and saw sea stars and petted a little shark.

sea stars

They had decorator crabs – do you know about these things? Rebecca told me they like to gather intriguing things and stick them to their bodies to attract fish.

decorator crab

I giggled when I saw this crab because it looks like a kid dumped a bunch of colored felt shapes into the tank (perhaps that is what happened). This guy was super cute.wave pool

Owen liked the wave pool a lot – it’s timed to the ocean waves to show how the water moves through the system on a regular basis. He was fascinated.

We went to the zoo to see the animals there and slide down the grass hill on cardboard (very popular spot at the zoo).

mama duck with ducklings

This mama duck had to flip over one of the chicks that got stuck on his back – we watched as she used her beak on the struggling guy and flipped him!


Concerned meerkat…

sleeping fox

Sleeping foxes …

wise turtle

Wise old turtle …

santa barara zoo

Hill sliding … and a sleepy Owen.

pooped owen

We asked Owen what was his favorite part of the zoo and he said it was the train. 🙂


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