One Happy Husky

The first time Mister encountered the ocean, he really liked sniffing the seaweed and leaving pee-mail for other dogs.

Mister at the beach

That big puddle of water? Not having anything to do with it. Nuh-uh

Until we took him to the dog beach, that is. We met up with my friend and hairdresser, Zoa and her Samoya, Bean.

Zoa and Bean

Zoa had all kinds of fun things to show Owen, like touching anemones – they squish around your finger and squirt water when you press them!

The eastern side of Hendrey’s beach is the dog side of the beach best accessed by the thousand steps which is exactly as grueling as it sounds. Sandy, slippery and it takes forever. Still, when Mister reached the bottom on this trip he headed straight for the water!

Mister greets the ocean

This side of the beach is all people and off-leash dogs so everyone has to behave, but huskies aren’t really interested in other dogs particularly. They like their people and they’ll pack up if they have dog buddies, but otherwise, they like going it alone. Still, we were super happy to see him frolic and play and race through the waves.

Mister races the beach

We all relaxed, took our shoes off and waded through the water and tide pools. We found mussels and seaweed and crabs.

Walking the beach with Owen and Becca

I was reminded of our other husky, Kudo and how he hated the water. I’m super glad it didn’t happen that way for Mister.

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