Sand and sea, a Kid and a dog

I’m missing Owen today … he’s in Colorado with his Dad and having a great time there with his cousins. So I’m going through the camera for photos. Our new weekend thing when he’s here is to get a bunch of yummy donuts and head to the beach to meet up with friends and their dogs.

owen and donuts

Of course Owen always gets the ones with sprinkles.

He loves to walk with us and look for interesting things like anemones and crabs. He and his Pop-pop have a great time finding things to look at while keeping an eye on the waves.

owen and his pop-pop walking in the waves

He’s gotten so brave about the water! So has the dog.

mister and waves

He’s an old pro with the ocean now. Catching crabs and eating them before Rebecca can rescue them is his new thing. Blech.




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