While the toddler’s away the adults play

It’s been a hot summer – July was horribly hot. So hot our poor bedroom fan pooped out and even though the day had been long and frustrating, I turned around and went to two stores to get a new one. Impossible to sleep or live without the fans. Oddly, now that it’s August it’s cooled off a bit.

All summer we adults have been playing while Owen is away. We’ve gone wine tasting a lot and Steve and I did a wine-blending seminar, which was fun. We learned to blend our own favorite wine and they bottled it for us.

wine seminar

The teacher was the master wine maker at Rideau vineyard and she said that most couples don’t make the same blend but most friends will.

Steve’s blend and mine were different but not too far off. (P.S. I look ridiculous in this photo and of course he looks amazing.)

We’ve walked many beaches with and without the dog.

beach walks

We were told that these are the ‘real’ thousand steps down to the beach – quite a ways east from where other locals had taken us down the thousand steps.

thousand steps

They look like they need to be repaired, right? Supposedly, that’s in the works.

We sailed all day on the Fourth of July

sailing july

Then ate our way through piles of snacks as we waited for the fireworks.

july fourth santa barbara

We took long bike rides by the beach.

bike ride santa barbara

bike ride santa barbara

Steve and I volunteered at a wine festival – supposedly the best way to get in cheap. The cost of the festival is outrageous!

Our experience wasn’t that great, but supposedly the festival is under new ownership. Lots of the volunteers knew each other. We worked our tushes off – partly our fault, we like a work challenge – but then when we got our passes to enjoy our time, there wasn’t any food left and we really didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought we would. Steve did find a wine he liked a lot – it was great – and he signed up for them too.

For my birthday, we had a beach fire with drinks and snacks and friends and dogs.

That weekend, Mr Man took us into Paso Robles to pick up and taste wine at one of our favs: Stacked Stone (I would link to their site but their website isn’t up?). They have this funky barn where you can taste the wine – not fancy, but comfy and fun.

My favorite is their Zin. They have a zin that’s to die for.

stacked stone winery

We even got a picture of us!

us on my birthday

Then, we went to one more winery – totally a shot in the dark. I got to pick so I went on what the tasting room looked like and whether they had air-conditioning. Turns out the have a basic light-colored red that’s perfect for summer barbeque sipping. The place is called Four Lanterns.

I love the door in this place, kinda reminds you of a speakeasy.

four lanterns wood door

As Steve was loading up another box of wine, I took this photo, which now that I see it here isn’t very good but I love the perspective of the knot in the tree and the lovely vineyards growing in the hot sun behind.

four lanterns view from tree

This is the wine we brought home.

jeep full of wine

Good thin we pack light, eh? More room for wine.

Next morning at Avila beach, it was foggy as families were claiming their spot on the beach for the day.

See how foggy it was? I loved how the waves receding looked with the multi-colored sand beneath and the sun playing over.

So much fun with the camera and light and movement.

I just noticed my shoes in this picture, how funny

rocks on avila beach

Rocks on the beach make for such and interesting landscape that changes with the tide, the time of day, the light.

rocks on avila beach

So, I realize I’ve just given you one post outlining our entire summer, but hey it’s been fun.




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  1. August 8, 2018

    Love your photography and summer in an outline 🙂 Glad it’s cooling down!

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