Landing in Galway, Ireland

I know these posts are really late, but I caught a terrible chest cold upon returning and have been laid up and/or coughing my lungs out. I’m back now and getting better day by day.

At long last … our Ireland trip.

We landed in Shannon airport at 8 in the morning, slightly jet-lagged but nothing too bad yet. Luckily we also had sunshine!

Our first stop after getting the car – manual shift, no kidding – was to get SIM cards for our phones. It was the first time we were trying this method of staying in touch and having maps. I’d researched where to get the cards at the closest town, which was Ennis, and so we hopped over there and parked.

I turned and what did I see across the street? A bakery with my last name on it!

OConnor's Bakery in Ennis Ireland

Of course we went inside for hot tea and a treat.

Next stop, the Three store to switch out our SIMs. The woman who helped us was lovely, truly sweet and super helpful. She knew just what to do and handled it all for us. Quick as that, we were on our way again.

Some fun photos of Ennis:

Flowers in Ennis, Ireland

Flowers in Ennis, Ireland

Our next stop, after walking around a bit in Ennis, was Dunguaire Castle. Apparently, it’s been in a few films and it’s changed hands a few times. Now, it’s a tourist stop.

Dunguaire Castle

It sits in a marsh with water all around it. The tide was low when we arrived, and we could see water seeping out of the ground and into the slough!

Dunguaire Castle slough

Here’s part of the outer castle walls where you can see the moss and flowers growing in the cracks between the rocks. I don’t know why I thought this was cool enough for a photo. It sure looked neat in person.

Dunguaire Castle moss

The view from the top over the slough and the road:

Dunguaire Castle top

Here’s the view across the water to the town:

Dunguaire Castle

And then we arrived in Galway. We found our lodgings – a fun house that’s run like an inn, a self-service bed and breakfast. We dropped off our stuff and went to see the town.

Sunshine over Galway Bay

That’s the river Corrib that flows into Galway bay – what lovely sunshine we had!


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