Exploring Galway, Ireland

After arriving and suffering through the terrible jet lag – I was literally standing and weaving like a drunk person. We got into bed very early with a melatonin and eye masks.

Slept all night. Woke up in the wee hours, but was able to get back to sleep for some extra. Mr Man had a terrible cold – the one I got later – so his medicine kept him asleep just fine.

Next morning, we were off to explore as much of Galway as we could. I had a list of sites we wanted to see.

The morning started out cloudy and our host had told us where to park all day for free, so we took his advice. It was a bit of a hike along the Salthill Promenade after some breakfast and caffeine, but we had bundled up and prepared for it.

Crossing the river Corrib, we spied a swan:

Swan in Galway

There is so much water here. It’s actually kinda weird seeing this much water after being in the western states so long.

River Corrib in Ireland

So much water.

River Corrib in Ireland

We found the Latin Quarter where all the fun shops are and headed up that street.

Latin Quarter Galway Ireland

We walked all the way to Eyre Square.

Eyre Square Galway

So many people were out and about on the Friday, enjoying the relatively clear skies and breezes. Just outside the square, we found our first Irish Coffee in a corner bar.

Irish Coffee in Galway

The Irish seem to like to enjoy flowers as much as I do – we called this fuschia in Colorado and it was everywhere! In pots, on the roadsides, everywhere.

Fuschia flowers in Ireland

I didn’t remember to ask what they call this plant in Ireland, but it makes sense that it was everywhere because it hates full sun. Perfect place to let it grow wild.

We wound our way around to see the Galway Cathedral, which you reached by crossing a bridge.

Galway Cathedral

Here we stopped to consume our apple tarts before heading inside.

Galway Cathedral

Gorgeous stained glass. The floors are local marble.

Galway Cathedral stained glass

Built in a cross-shape, you could see the alter from a number of vantage points. Because John F. Kennedy had Irish heritage and had visited Galway in the 1960’s, the locals have a certain fondness for the Irish-lad-made-good-in-America. In the church, you can see a fresco of him.

JFK in Galway Cathedral

The stained glass by the organ pipes was the most amazing.

Galway cathedral stained glass

We returned the next night for Saturday night mass.

Back outside, it’s walking along the waterways that surround the cathedral like a moat. The original building was a prison, so you have to say the remodel went pretty well.

Galway cathedral waterway

Another swan …

Galway swan

And back at the Corrib, lots more rushing water – this is the fastest flowing river I’ve ever seen.

River Corrib in Galway Ireland

And a Galway Hooker – the hardest working boats in Galway bay. Painted black with red sails, these things are loaded down and used to ferry goods and stones and sheep and people all about Galway and out to the Aran Islands.

Galway hooker

The Spanish Arch – leftovers from the 15th century when Galway had to be surrounded by rock walls to be safe from invaders.

Spanish arch in Galway

The flocks of swans on the other side of the arch and floating on the river.

xGalway swans

Can you believe they used to eat these birds?

Galway swans

Anyway, we covered a lot of ground that day. More to come …

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