Bike Tour around Galway

The next day started like every day in Ireland (at least for me) – with a pot of tea!

Pot of tea

Yep, that’s real sugar I’m using too.

After a full day of exploring, we were off on a guided bike tour of Galway with the lovely John Kennedy. It was a small, friendly group of riders and we had a great time chatting about Irish history, Galway sites, books, movies, and travel.

If you get to travel, be sure to hire the local guides for walking or biking tours. Not only do you get some exercise and history, but you get to connect and share stories. It’s really the best way to dispel myths and understand that people are really just great everywhere.

The group said no one would believe me if I posted photos of Galway’s sunshine so I’m posting all of them. It was a lovely day of sunshine and sightseeing.

There is Galway bay:

Galway bay

We saw the National University of Ireland, the quad of which is lovely.

National University of Ireland quad

National University of Ireland quad

Our bikes – thank goodness they were decent and reliable.

Galway bike tour

About an hour and a half into the tour, we had the option for a break and a snack. Our guide took us to a nursery and I teased him that we weren’t about to do any free landscaping for him. Turns out, the nursery has the most amazing cafe in the back, overlooking all the flowers and trees for sale!

Nursery cafe tea house

What a pretty view!

Nursery cafe tea house

A lovely spot for tea.

Nursery cafe tea house

Back on the bikes and onto the trail.

Galway Bike tour

We biked to this overgrown mansion which used to be a family’s getaway house until it burned.

River getaway

This was my favorite stretch of the bike tour. Gliding along the river was a dream, so refreshing. Then, back into town where you can see the multiple canals channeling the water through town.

Two rivers in Galway

Later that afternoon before we found dinner, we had to do laundry.

Doing laundry in Ireland

Now, normally laundry isn’t blog-worthy material but hear me out. The laundry facilities are OUTSIDE. In the rain. In parking lots.

More to come …




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