Sipping and learning about wine

Some weeks ago, Steve and I went up the hill to Rideau vineyard to do a sip-and-learn with a bunch of other members. It has finally started to look like fall. Not winter of course, but fall. The leaves are finally changing colors.

Fall colors in wine country

The guide poured us a bit of wine before we headed out to see the grapevines.So we hiked up the hill sipping wine in our glasses. See all those heavy jackets and sweaters and Steve is in a t-shirt? People get cold quickly here.

Exploring grapevines

At the top of the hill we got to see the grapevines in the sunshine. They are resting after the harvest.

Fall colors in wine country

After we learned about how they grow the grapes and different ways the provide nutrients we headed to the fermentation facility. Then, on to the tasting!

Wine tasting table

I love this table – rough, worn and loved. We were tasting Roussanes produced in different years. I was the weird one and liked a version no one else was especially fond of.

Wine tasting at Rideao

Simple map of the valley on the wall.

Wine tasting at Rideao

Did you know Steve has begun making wine? These little learning expeditions are especially helpful. He gets to ask lots of questions and figure out things he can try at home.


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