Staycation Christmas

Once in awhile, it makes sense to stay put during the holidays. I have family all over the country and for a bunch of reasons it usually means that we travel this time of year. Last year, New Mexico and the year before to Colorado, the year before back to Albuquerque¬†and the year before that in Colorado. We really hope that everyone isn’t avoiding California Christmas because of the teeny size of our house! There are lovely places to stay nearby and the weather is usually so good we can all eat indoors and out, so we can fit a larger party here for food than you might imagine.

This year, someone had to stay with the dog – an important part of our lives and one anxious puppy at times. In fact, the minute we dropped Becca off at the airport to go retrieve Owen he managed to escape the house and tour the neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning. Luckily, he has an excellent tag that reads: You may call me Mister. Shit, I’m lost. Please call my family. We quickly retrieved him, found his escape route and all is happily well. He went looking for his mom, for sure. We found him in the next cul-de-sac next to a pregnant woman who drives the same car Becca drives. Poor guy. He will be getting extra attention while she’s gone.

Either way, we had a lovely quiet Christmas where only one person talked at a time, only one media was playing at a time, and everyone got heard. Loved it.

I tried roasting chestnuts – in the oven, not over an open fire – in remembrance of our Bath, England Christmas before the blog got started.

Chestnuts slowly roasting in the oven

Delicious but singing “chestnuts roasting in the oven” doesn’t have the same ring to it at all.

We toasted with grapefruit mimosas.

Christmas grapefruit mimosas

The pets had their fun with their toys.

Emily's Christmas toy

The Christmas tree with village beneath was cheery and bright.

Christmas tree

I made loads of family phone calls from this chair outside in the sunshine.

Patio phone calls

And we had a lovely yule log for dessert while we watched It’s a Wonderful Life.

Christmas yule log

It was a quiet Christmas day and we all enjoyed it tremendously. Back soon with some more adventurous stuff.

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