Exploring with Owen

Owen’s mom is in school now, and Pop-pop works every weekend so O and I get to have a lot of fun all by ourselves. Our weekends start out with some breakfast and house chores. Then, we head out to do stuff. Last weekend, we saw the frog wall.

Frog wall on the Santa Barbara Riviera

It’s high in the hill behind Santa Barbara – in America’s Riviera, where all the really expensive houses are and it’s a wall of frogs. People started putting frogs here years ago and it’s just continued. Now there are hundreds of frogs all along this stone wall along one of the fanciest streets in Santa Barbara.

Frog wall

We did our part by picking up the ones that had fallen and finding new homes for them.

The rain had stopped so we also spent time at the beach. This requires a wagon full of buckets, sunscreen, chairs, hats, you name it.

Beach time

This little goof plays and plays. He digs trenches, races around, lugs buckets of water and gets really and truly dirty.

Owen grinning on the beach

Then, we go to swimming class where we wash off all that sand!

Later in the weekend, we explored a creek in one of my favorite parks – the only one that looks like it could be a forest.

Playing in the creek at Rocky Nook Park

Playing in the creek at Rocky Nook Park

Playing in the creek at Rocky Nook Park

Playing in the creek at Rocky Nook Park

We meet up with Mommy and Pop-pop every night for dinner and books and tv, but the days are ours! I’m gonna always remember these days.

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