Nojoqui Fall Hike with real water

So, they say the California drought of 15 years is over. The creeks are running, the lakes are getting full, and we can all enjoy some green rolling hills instead of the dead brown ones.

Time to get out and hike!

To get started, we hit up the Nojoqui Falls which is a really short hike but beautiful just the same. Unfortunately, lots and lots of people had the same idea so it was also packed. Boo.

Nojoqui falls hike

Creeks running in California


Owen found a tree with a hole in it and climbed in.

Owen finds a tree hole

And then out

Owen finds a tree hole

Owen finds a tree hole

It was a great hike, minus the crowds. We headed up the hill for lunch and wine tasting after.

Nojoqui Falls with Becca and Owen

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