Hiking Gaviota Pass Overlook

We finally got some sunshine and it’s warming up (maybe a little too fast) but we decided to take our legs out for a good long hike. This is the first time I’ve worn these boots in almost 4 years.

Feet in hiking boots

Arthritis really hit my hiking hard, but to be fair, hiking in California – at least in this local area of the central coast – is also way different (read not as fun) as hiking in Colorado. In Colorado, you can hike for days and not see another human, that’s my favorite hiking. Still, with a new hip and incredible flexibilty and willing group, it was time to try it.

Hiking in Gaviota

We chose the Gaviota Pass Overlook because it was a relatively large elevation gain for our weakened California legs and a well-defined trail because Steve couldn’t come with us. About 6 miles round trip. After the recent rains, the hills were uncharacteristically green. Gosh do I love these long wide vistas.

Green hills in Gaviota

Our small person needs frequent water and snack breaks, of course.

Owen hiking Gaviota

The wildflowers were just getting started too.

California wildflowers in spring

California wildflowers in spring

California wildflowers in spring

The California oaks were gorgeous.

California oak

Sweeping vistas in all directions – once you get above the highway, of course.

Sweeping green California hills

And a small one that gets carried pretty often. Becca asked me to take this picture to prove that she carried him up and down hills so he owes her a carry once in awhile when she’s old.

Becca carries Owen

Becca carries Owen

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