Turning business travel into fun

I get to travel for my work at least a few times a year. While most people say business travel – these days, travel in general – sucks, I say make it fun. Take the extra day or two before or after the work part of the trip and enjoy a place you may not have thought to go. I’ve been to Seattle probably ten times in my life and I always enjoy it. The food is great, the people are awesome, and it’s just a fun city.

I didn’t have a lot of time on this trip, but I took the evenings after the work part of my day and enjoyed the heck out of them. This time in Seattle I decided to go on the Ferris wheel down by the waterfront.

Seattle ferris wheel

Downtown Seattle

Ferry boat from the ferris wheel

ferris wheel wine sippy cup

That’s a glass of wine in a sippy cup. Why they put the wine in a sippy cup but not the beers the couple behind me got, I have no idea. I had the whole car to myself and I giggled the entire three turns around.

Later in the week, I rode to the top of the Columbia Center where they have a 360-degree view of Seattle. The elevator was a complete marvel – there was a movie on all sides that made you feel like you were in the set.

Columbia Center elevator

The tower is 73 floors up.

Downtown Seattle from up high

Downtown Seattle from up high


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